Pencil Study

Pencil Study


Lum - Uruseiyatsura

Just a fanart piece, done for the #welcomejapan tag in Colors!3D.

Crimson, again.


On privacy, spying and big data.

I would like to say some things about the current privacy, spying, big data and citizen data collection.

Governments should not do all the data collection they are doing because... they don't really want to crack down on people if they want to keep economy healthy and the society up and running in a progressive way.

Communism crumbled because the system had too much data on their citizens and had policymakers too busy about weeding out the vital pulse of society by picking out people not believing in the fairy tale of communism or just being angry at the local factory boss. Communism, like Zarism, was an exclusive system, not an inclusive one.

The west on its globality thrived because it did not matter to which fairy tale of the day you believed, just you had to be sure to pay taxes, and because after the second world ward used to be relatively (notice: not completely) witch-hunt free.

When you start picking up people for cataloguing, you will start deciding who is a valid subject and who is not, and you will soon be forced to start picking who will have to remain a free citizen and who shall not, losing competitivity, vitality, losing in the end the test of time, the ability to shed off the barbarian invasions, the freedom of your own offspring.

You don't want to have some day to make a hard decision, to put a valid help aside because, as Stalin, you forced yourself to know everything about your neighbor including the fact he did not completely like how you were moving your country into being a complete and total shithole.

Also keep in mind another thing: yesterday's opinion might not be today's or tomorrow's.

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The global surveillance network is a house of cards. Winds will always tear it down, people will rebuild it again and again and again.

My suggestion for everyone?
Learn how to play the guitar.




Repetita Juvant

So, two things about installing an Intuos Tablet and Photoshop CS4 on a Windows Vista (or later) system.

1) Disable the Tablet services from Windows.

2) Update Photoshop, otherwise it will have strange slowdowns.


The World Wide Web is not lawless.

In fact the first rule, or law, is that if you post dumb stuff on the web then we can point out how stupid it is.

Swapnote's sexy goddess Nikki

Sorry, I was almost forgetting my blog! :)


Alex & Cat

I worked 8:31 hrs on this, working so much on a piece feels cheating, mostly since it gives out a disconnect with all my previous "works".

I used Colors! 3D on my 3DS.